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Albright Knot
Step by Step.

Double the last few centimeters
of the heavier leader and thread
the lighter line through, then around,
the resulting loop.
Albright Knot Step 1
Albright Knot Step 2
Continue wrapping down the loop in the leader
with the lighter line.
Make five wraps down the loop
then commence wrapping in the other direction,
back over the first wraps.
Albright Knot Step 3
Albright Knot Step 4
Complete five wraps in each direction
and thread the tag back through the loop
alongside the main line.
Partially close the knot first with gentle pressure
on the main line and tag of both leader and line.
Albright Knot Step 5
Albright Knot Step 6
When the knot begins to tighten, let both
the tag of the line, and tag of the leader, go.

Then tighten the knot with firm pressure
on line against leader.
Close the knot and trim the tags.
Albright Knot Step 7


All illustrations and text of this knot are reproduced with the kind consent of Geoff Wilson,
the author of the "Complete Book of Knots and Rigs".

This book is considered the "Knot Bible", and should be essential reading
for anybody who has lost a fish because of a failed knot!


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